Photographe : Hout Kov - @houtkov


An invitation to travel, the Oia gallery aims to be a meeting point with other cultures and civilizations, to represent and promote emerging artists living in Asia but also in Europe, in the Indian Ocean or even further, in Australia.

Nomadic by nature, with no borders or prohibitions, in search of identity(ies) but above all of otherness, Oia is open to a variety of mediums, figurative or abstract, from contemporary perspectives to thousand-year-old legends.

Hervé Cadet

Director of Galerie Oia


Hervé holds a Master’s degree in cultural tourism project engineering and an international postgraduate diploma specializing in cultural policies and heritage development. He worked for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, lived in Australia, and then spent fifteen years working for the island of La Réunion.

With a passion for travel, geography and history, he has criss-crossed Asia, Australia, Europe and the Indian Ocean, taking in every encounter, every culture, every “strangeness”.

Year after year, encounters with artists and the discovery of ancestral artistic traditions, as well as more contemporary forms of expression, have nurtured a genuine fascination and paved the way for the company to support and promote emerging artists.

After training with Galerist Stéphane Jacob-Langevin, a specialist in Aboriginal Art, he decided to open his nomadic online gallery, OIA, in spring 2023.