Art Hunter | Leasing

Brokerage : The "Art Hunter"

Using an art hunter offers collectors and art enthusiasts privileged access to exceptional works, as well as professional and specialized support throughout the process of acquiring a unique piece or managing their collection.

The brokerage service is for you:

  • Personalized research thanks to attentive listening and discussions to define the artist, the movement or even the criteria of format, colors, subject, techniques, budget, etc.
  • Adapted advice for choosing your future work
  • The assurance of discretion and your best interest thanks to an effective intermediary to negotiate and represent you.
  • Administrative formalities and logistical matters managed by professionals.

The art hunter service is charged 15% of the price of the work (transport costs, customs and placing on a stretcher included) with a minimum of €150.

Leasing, Financing and tax exemption

The LOA – Rental with purchase option is an advantageous acquisition solution for French businesses and liberal professions.

Rents, the duration of which is defined in advance with our partner, are recorded as expenses deductible from net profit for the decoration and layout of the offices.

At the end of this period, the purchase option is free and allows the acquisition at the residual value of the work.