Racines (Roots)

Exhibition from May 16 to June 15 2024

The Australian Arts Gallery • Stéphane Jacob invites the Oia Gallery, for a two-part conversation at 13 rue Chapon 75003 Paris.

Meeting between Aboriginal art and Southeast Asian art, two cultures which put their narrative energy at the service of a poetic work of memory.

In the spring (May 16 – June 15) the “Roots” exhibition will mark the genesis of this partnership, by questioning the links that unite the present with the past and invoke heritage and mythologies.

Come summer and during the Olympic period (July 6 – September 21) the “Strong” exhibition will celebrate the vital force of the territory and the need for artistic commitment.

Artworks from Chhovorn Van (Cambodia), Collectif Erub Arts (Australia), Dibsanist (Thailand), Dini Campbell Tjampitjinpa (Australia), Emmanuelle Nhean (Cambodia), Faizal Yunus (Malaisia), Josephine Mick ( Australia), Karona (Cambodgia), Konstantina (Australia), Niah Juella McLeod (Australia), Nyilyari Tjapangati (Australia), Ritasha Watson Nampijinpa (Australia), Sary Nou (Cambodia), Seyha Hour (Cambodia), Tay Nguyen (Vietnam), Tim Payungka Tjapangardi (Australia), Tjunkaya Tapaya Oam (Australia), Wanatjura Lewis (Australia), Xiaoping Zhou (China)

Works presented: